James Clay Fuller

Things We're Not Supposed to Say

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Another Big Lie campaign

In case you missed the two or three 12-second reports on the news: Shaul Mofaz, deputy prime minister of Israel, said Friday that an attack on Iran's nuclear sites is “unavoidable” if Tehran refuses to halt it's alleged nuclear weapons program.

He didn't say “alleged,” however. That's my word, a proper modifier, but not something he or the Bushies would use, any more than they talked about “alleged” WMDs in Iraq.

Mofaz failed to specify how Iran can now halt a program that all U.S. and European intelligence agencies and top scientists agree was halted in 2003.

(Stop your car right now. Never mind that it's been stored in a garage with the engine removed for five years. Stop it now or we'll kill you. By the way, have you stopped beating your wife?)

The Israel minister also said that the attack will occur if international diplomacy fails to make Iran stop that already stopped weapons program. But, of course, Israel and the Bush administration flatly refuse to engage in “international diplomacy” with Iran, although Iran has several times offered to negotiate without restrictions on topics.

In case you haven't quite got it: Israel, with timing almost certainly coordinated with the American White House, is pushing for an attack on Iran. If Israel attacks, we'll soon take over the major portion of the killing, of course.

Isn't it interesting to live in a very big and powerful country that allows a much smaller country to call the shots on key portions of its foreign policy?

OK, hard to tell who's manipulating whom sometimes, but that this country's politicians are frequently the intimidated stand-ins for Israel's right-wing government and its big-buck U.S. backers is not in question.